Manage Your Risks - Keep Your Customers
Superior customer service and effective communication are the standards by which a business succeeds in today’s competitive marketplace. Downtime from network failure results in lost sales and lost customers. Both are losses no company can afford. When surveys have proved that it costs companies 10 times as much to gain a new customer as it does to keep an existing one, it seems absurd that they wouldn't try harder to maintain the business they already have. With statistics like that, the economic impact of customer satisfaction becomes paramount in business decisions. A Simple Network Consulting Maintenance Agreement will be virtually all the support you need to guarantee maximum uptime and reliability of your communications network. We’ll keep you in touch with your customers so you can serve them best.

Customized Maintenance Agreement
To Simple Network Consulting, “customized” means just that. Our specialists will consult with you to create a maintenance agreement that suits your company’s needs and complements your unique communications environment. With a plan tailored to your specific needs, you pay only for what is necessary.

What is it?
The agreement is a care program for your communications network. Unlike a standard maintenance agreement, this is a preventative service. Simple Network Consulting guarantees scheduled system checks according to the number of hours purchased in your agreement.

On-Site Support
There will be occasions when remote-support is not enough. In that event, a technician will be dispatched to your site. We promise that our technician will report to your site prepared to resolve the problem in an expedient and professional manner. Signing a maintenance support agreement provides the benefit of access to our technicians via our tech support line or our emergency line. Standard response time is a call back within 2 hours. Emergency calls, if not handled immediately, will be contacted back within an hour. Standard call back hours are based on Simple Network Consulting’s weekly operating hours of 7:00am to 6:00pm CST, Monday thru Friday.

Our Commitment to You: Highly Skilled Technicians
Your communications network is fundamental in satisfying your clients. Our certified technicians are critical in our commitment to maintaining that network. Each of our highly skilled technicians has ongoing training and extensive field experience with systems just like yours. This insures that your system is serviced appropriately and maintains maximum availability.

Program Prerequisites
A Simple Network Consulting Maintenance Agreement requires the existence of a stable and documented network. Simple Network Consulting offers full systems inventory, network assessment, and documentation services as a prerequisite to implementing a maintenance agreement. Also, Simple Network Consulting requires a 6 month minimum contract. The difficulty of determining the number of hours required to support a maintenance agreement means we will re-evaluate the contract within 3 months and adjust the number of hours if necessary. (Ask your salesperson or technician for more details)